Tokashiki Ferry Portal Site
Today's ferry status notice. ( 2024/04/18 )
Tomari Port 1 09:00 On time
Tokashiki Port 1 10:00 On time
Tomari Port 2 16:30 On time
Tokashiki Port 2 17:30 On time
Tomari Port 1 10:00 On time
Tokashiki Port 1 16:00 On time
2024/01/11 Requests to embarking passengers
Please purchase your tickets at least 30 minutes prior to departure. After purchasing tickets, please board the ship at least 10 minutes prior to departure.

2024/03/05 Ferry Tokashiki Out of Service in April
Ferry Tokashiki will be out of service on 4/09(Tue), 4/12(Fri) and 4/19(Fri). Thank you for understanding.