Tokashiki Ferry Portal Site
Today's ferry status notice. ( 2019/08/21 )
Tomari Port 1 09:00 On time
Tokashiki Port 1 10:00 On time
Tomari Port 2 16:30 On time
Tokashiki Port 2 17:30 On time
Tomari Port 1 10:00 On time
Tokashiki Port 1 16:00 On time
2019/03/18 The Schedule of Marine Liner Tokashiki has been changed for summer 2019
Jul-Aug weekdays (Mon-Thu) and Sep:2times/day. Jul-Aug Friday to Sunday and public holidays:3times/day. Between 8/09(Fri) and 8/18(Sun):3times/day. Thank you for your understanding.
2019/07/07 Marine Liner Tokashiki Out of Service
Due to engine maintenance, Marine Liner Tokashiki will be out of service between 9/9 and 9/12.